FAQ-Organizational Grants

Educational Organization Application FAQ’s

1. What is the Lightfoot Foundation?

The Lightfoot Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established to provide financial assistance through scholarship, to post high school students who are looking to further their education. The Foundation also assists organizations, through grants, that preserve the environment and provide housing to the financially disadvantaged.

2. Where does the Lightfoot Foundation get its funding?

The Lightfoot Foundation is a family foundation that is privately funded.

3. How many grants does the Lightfoot Foundation award?

It varies from year to year depending upon how many qualifying applications that are received each year.

4. How much are the grant amounts?

The scholarship amounts vary from year to year and will be different every year.

5. How do we apply?

Under the Education Tab, you will see “Applications” and “My Account”, click on the applications link which will take you to a screen to enter in your username and password if you are a renewal applicant, if you are a first time applicant click on “New Applicant” under the username sign on and create a new username and password.

Once you start your application and save it, to access later, you will click on the “My Account” link back under the Education Tab. DO NOT click on “Application” again as it will make you start a new application. Your saved application is in the “My Account”.

6. What if we are Renewal Applicants and we forgot our username and password from last year or we now have a different email address?

Click on the Education Tab, then click “Application” and under the sign on is “New Applicant”, click on that and create a new username and password.

7. Is the grant renewable?

No. You must apply each year that your organization wishes to be considered.

8. What organizations are considered?

The Lightfoot Foundation supports educational organizations by providing annual grants to select, qualified organizations in the state of Idaho. In order to be eligible for a grant, an organization must be classified as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.

9. What tax information needs to be attached?

Submit your organization’s 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS with your application.

10. How do I scan more than one page of a document?

You will need to have access to a copy machine and you will load all the pages of the document in the loader, hit scan. This will create one file of all the pages for you to attach. For example: You have your federal taxes and your parents federal taxes, a total of 4 pages, place all 4 pages face up, facing you and hit scan. This will scan all the pages into one document for you to attach.

11. When will we be notified whether we received a grant or not?

Notification is sent in January, annually. It will be sent via email so ENSURE that you provide an email address that you will have access to all the time.

12.  If we receive an award, when and where are the funds sent?

Your award notification email will include a link for you to click on and accept the award. The funds are sent within 2 weeks of award email notification.

13. What happens if I do not return these forms by the due date?

You will forfeit your entire award. NO EXCEPTIONS

14. If, after reading through these FAQ’s, I still have a question, who do I contact? 

A. Send an e-mail to the Foundation (click here)